Western Loudoun Artists Studio Tour (WLAST)

SchipHill Art Studio

June 1st - 2nd, 2019

Open 10am - 5pm

Welcome to my studio!

I am inspired by women, fabric, animals, and color. My paintings are strong, beautiful and tell a story. I use patterns to build rich, brilliant texture and to create tension in juxtaposition with the calm face of Woman. I incorporate animals into my work to accentuate the idea of Woman as protective nurturer. Within this elaborate backdrop of texture, pattern and color, the relationships within the painting evoke serenity. Every creative experience, as sculptor, painter or clothier, is utilized in my work. I trust my imagination and rely on valuable skills honed since childhood. Perhaps because I lost both my mother and grandmother at an early age, I paint them idealistically as safe, steady and ever-present women. Thus, I nurture my talent as I was nurtured, unafraid to embrace all challenges and successes.

I will have a full complement of my paintings on display. As well as:

I look forward to meeting you!

– Judith Thompson


Example of paintings that will be on display and available for purchase during the WLAST weekend. Please see my portfolio for a complete listing.

The Pianist The Seamstress Passionscape Alice's Tea Party
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Each scarf is a replica of one of my original oil paintings and comes with a decorative gift box and a signed card.

Scarf Scarf Roar Scarf Judy Thompson and client trying on scarf

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards available from my Seasons collection - $40

In each package:

2019 greeting cards

Custom Packaging

Scarves, greeting cards and aprons come in custom packaging.



SchipHill sign

Snickers Gap Stop #35, 19965 Lincoln Road, Purcellville, Virginia (see map below)

Look for the sign!