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Vivid. That’s my passion. Through the use of bold color, texture, and pattern, I create a modern mythology of women today, painting a testament to the complicated and profound strength of a woman navigating the maelstroms of day-to-day life. Be it a lone female figure, a pair, or more, the use of pattern is the critical linchpin of my work. Every piece depicts one or more what I consider the best of female traits: kindness, care-giving, serenity, and beauty.

In this context, I envision a space filled with color and patterns, using my highly detailed painting as the backbone. My goal is to help these flat layers of oil paint to slip some of their restraints and lend themselves to the environment, and with my experience in sculpture and textiles, I provide other elements to enhance the experience.

Years ago, when I was a graduate student, I went to a Moroccan restaurant in Philadelphia. It was here that I first encountered the effects of multiple colors and patterns. I was surprised by how after a short adjustment, calmness followed. So, the women in my work provide that same sense of calm amid all the bustle.

With my work, I construct a world of unassailable women. My paintings are the culmination of my creative experiences- kaleidoscopic and checkered, veiled and delicate, lived and seen and vivid.

– Judith Thompson

Blue Jay Way

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